MiddleBar Products

MiddleBar offers an array of cocktail accoutrement for all your cocktailing and mocktailing needs.

Our Award Winning MiddleBar Mary would not be complete without our pickled accoutrements:

Spicy Beans, Zesty Spears, and Pickled Celery

Our FARM FRESH COCKTAIL™ line consists of unique mocktails. Absolutely delicious with or without the booze!

Gather your loved ones, relax, and enjoy!

The Clover, Bourbon Tarragon Lemonade and Strawberry fields are just a few of our delightful FARM FRESH COCKTAILS™.  For a list of our full line of cocktails and information on purchasing for your next event call 213.926.3647 or email us info@middlebar.com

 Our Bourbon Poached Cherries,  Aztec Gold, and Ginja Syrups are great for cooking, cocktailing, and baking.  We also make the world's first organic sugar free grenadine, sweetened with organic agave.

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